About Us

Gamers N' Geeks Road to Success

Let Tommy tell you the story...

Gamers N Geeks, also known as "GnG," was established in 2012 and for over the last 8 years has raised the bar for everything gaming on the coast. Staking claim as one of the LARGEST GAME STORES on the entire Gulf Coast, our key focus is supporting its amazingly helpful community, while specializing in hosting premier events and providing a relaxed gaming environment for our patrons.

Gamers N Geeks provides the absolute BEST gaming experience, variety, and product selection on the Gulf Coast. Located in an over 17,500sq. ft. space in Mobile, Alabama, we have a HUGE selection of card games to choose from, such as: Magic the Gathering, Force of Will, YuGiOh, Pokémon, Final Fantasy, Dragon Ball Z, Star Wars, and MORE! We host a multitude of Miniature Games such as Warhammer 40K, Star Wars X Wing, Blood Bowl, Guild Ball, War Machine Hordes, Team Yankee, and Flames of War just to name a few. If you like Board Games we stock a lot of Classic Family titles such as Ticket to Ride, Pandemic, Catan, Carcassonne, Munchkin, and Smash Up. We also stock Comic Books, Graphic Novels, Manga, Pop Figures, Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Collectibles, and Gaming Accessories. Be sure to come by and check out our Huge Space, Weekly Tournaments/Events and Awesome Friendly Community we have at Gamers N Geeks!

Tommy Wetjen is an all-around business owner with his head in the "game" and his dreams in the clouds. No matter if it's miniature/tabletop games or trading card games, he has the knowledge and drive to give you the best gaming experience possible. He frequently says that GnG wouldn't be as great as it is without his amazing staff of knowledgeable 'Gamers' that can teach or wow you with any game. He enjoys adding extra fun into peoples lives, so stop by and get your geek on!

We are gamers, just like you.

Thomas Wetjen

Store Owner, Risk Taker, Idea Man, Tommie-o

Joshua Taylor

Game Master Lv4, Lord of Weebs,

Orderer of All the Things, T.O. Overlord

AKA - Joshie-boi

Jason Vertrees (JD)

Questgiver, Miniature Gaming Specialist,

The Paint Night Streamer

Billy Dubuisson

Rules Lawyer, Board Game & Gundam Specialist

Social Media Meme-ing

Andrew Tant

Questgiver, King of Cards, THE Card Guy

Nik Pruitt

Droid, Digimon, Yu-gi-oh!, Vanguard, and Force of Will Specialist