The Binding of Isaac Four Souls
The Binding of Isaac Four Souls
The Binding of Isaac Four Souls

The Binding of Isaac Four Souls

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The Binding of Isaac: Four Souls was designed by Edmund McMillen. The objective of the Binding of Isaac card game is to combine the adventurous spirit of the Binding of Isaac video game with an easy to pick up and play solution. Simply pull the game off the shelves, and you've got 30 minutes of strategic and competitive fun at your fingertips.


It is time to begin the monster board game! Cain will go first and if no one has Cain, the saddest player must go first. The goal of the game is to strategically play loot cards, gain treasure, and attack monsters to gain souls. To begin their turn the player can choose to do any of the following.

  • Play a loot card.
  • Buy a treasure card.
  • Attack a monster.
  • Activate a player card to play an additional loot card


Attack monsters by rolling the dice to see if you've rolled high enough to do damage. Multiple bad rolls could leave your character dead. If you die, you will not leave the Binding of Isaac board game but pay a death penalty by doing the following.

  • Lose 1 Cent.
  • Destroy one non-eternal treasure.
  • Discard one loot card.
  • Turn all items and player cards sideways and end the turn.


All monster and player cards are healed. Discard any loot cards if you have more than 10. The turn passes to the player on the left and looting, buying, and attacking continues.

Package Includes:

  • 340x Cards
  • 100x Custom Coins
  • 6 Sided Die (D6)
  • 8 Sided Die (D8)
  • Rulebook
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  • INCLUDES - The main objective of the dice card game is to fight the monsters and get souls. To accomplish that, you get a total of 340 loot, treasure, and monster cards, 100 Custom Binding of Isaac coins, a 6 sided dice (d6), 8 sided die (d8) and a rulebook. The strategy opportunities are endless. Are you ready?