Pathfinder - Goblin Village
Pathfinder - Goblin Village

Pathfinder - Goblin Village

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Whether home to a band of goblin heroes out to save the world or an adventuring party's destination, the Goblin Village is the perfect set piece for pathfinder Game Masters or players of any fantasy RPG!

This fantastic premium set contains over 20 beautiful display pieces to bring one of fantasy gaming's most iconic little maniacs to life like never before. Let the Goblin Village create a memorable goblin encounter in your campaign!

2 Bonfires
1 Child Cage
1 Goblin Chief
1 Goblin Throne
2 Junk Piles
1 Junk Statue
1 Large Hut
1 Magic Pig
1 Palisade Gate
3 Palisade Walls
2 Pickle Barrles
4 Pigpen Fences
1 Pigpen Gate
1 Small Barricade
2 Small Huts