Call to Adventure
Call to Adventure

Call to Adventure

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Craft your Hero's Story by Facing Challenges and Acquiring Traits

Box Contents

  • 45 Character cards
  • 91 Story Cards
  • 44 Hero and AntiHero Cards
And everything else you need to play:

4 player boards, 24 custom acrylic runes, 40 experience tokens, 11 Adversary Quests, and a full color rulebook!

Craft your hero!

Acquiring Traits!

Is your hero a troubled orphan, or strangely supernatural. You decide!

Face Challenges!

Each turn you have the chance to face a new Challenge? Will your hero train to become a thief, or an assassin. Pick your path and roll the runes to see if you succeed!

  • Create your ultimate fantasy hero and tell their story by facing challenges and crafting your destiny
  • Contains over fully illustrated 150 cards and 24 custom runes.
  • From the makers of the hit game, boss Monster.