Junta - Las Cartas
Junta - Las Cartas

Junta - Las Cartas

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Junta: Las Cartas is a card game based on Junta that differs from the earlier such card game Junta: Viva el Presidente!

The Classic Board Game turned into a compact Card Game!

Welcome to the still wonderful island of the Republic of Bananas!  Where nothing has changed: The corrupt ruling families remain in command of the ruling junta, looting as much as they can (thanks to the invaluable help of foreign powers). Politics goes on as usual: you must be ruthless in plotting against other families, buying votes, hiring assassins, blowing up buildings and, from time to time, initiating a coup against the President to try to take office. 

Board: Las Cartas provides an experience similar to its older brother in a compact format. It's a perfect way to get started in the world of Junta!

In Board: Las Cartas, you are members of the eponymous Board of the Republic of Bananas. The island is funded by a global superpower that hands out big checks without asking too many questions. The player who can fill their pockets the most and divert development funds to their Swiss accounts will be the winner. But be careful, the rest of the members of the Board will not tolerate that your looting prevents them from fattening their own accounts. Players will have to conspire against others, buy votes, hire assassins, blow up buildings, and occasionally initiate a Heist to oust the President and take office.

Each round in Junta Las Cartas is made up of 5 phases:

1 - The President will receive money from foreign aid
2 - With this money, the President will have to propose a Budget
3 - The players will have to vote the Budget proposed by the President
4 - The players can initiate a Coup d'état to try to snatch the power of attorney
5 - Replace letters

Among the cards, you will find murderers, thieves, anarchists, military, buildings, and a large number of events to alter the votes and intimidate your rivals. If there is a coup, you will have to ally yourself with the Presidential side or with the Rebels, but the consequences of being on the losing side will be dire! So make sure you are on the winning side. To win, you will have to negotiate, extort, steal and murder other players using your hand of cards.

When the game is over, the richest player will be the winner.

Board the Cards is a game suitable for 3 to 6 players, with a duration of about 40 minutes, maintaining the spirit of the board game.


• 114 Playing Cards 
• 6 Summary Cards 
• 1 Rules